Keeping stores informed, productive, efficient and on-track is a constant battle for most retailers. There is a huge amount of information that flows from head office to the stores and retailers need to find the right technology to support their efforts to communicate, to develop the right culture, to provide visibility and to manage compliance.

Store Ops-Center provides a simple and elegant all-in-one web based solution for all of your communication needs. It's easy to implement and has been designed specifically for retail to simplify store communications.


As we developed Store Ops-Center, we kept in mind a quote from Albert Einstein, "Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler." The result is a simple, elegant and agile solution that is designed for rapid implementation. With no compromise on functionality we built something designed specifically for retail that is easy to use & easy to understand.

Compliance & Accountability:

By managing store information consistently across the enterprise, retailers are improving their foresight - identifying issues and areas where they can cut costs, repeating success, and filling the need for a consistent and controlled communications environment.


Access Store Ops-Center through the internet. Cut out the high cost of hardware and increase your efficiency. Cloud computing is inexpensive, flexible, and secure and you can work from anywhere. Moving to the cloud gives access to Opterus' enterprise-class technology, for everyone.


Retailers are tasked with solving many specific execution challenges and the right communication tool can help. By engaging and supporting your employees you can increase your productivity and achieve your goals. Employees who feel appreciated and a part of something bigger will always do more than what's expected. Make all your employees as good as your best.

Customer Centric:

The Store Ops-Center roadmap is primarily driven by customer requests and input. All new features are added to provide a "best practice" solution and are not customer specific.